**LIMITED TIME SPECIAL OFFER** Get Up to 250 FREE DA for Staking with us! | This offer is now valid for delegators with over 50K ₳DA only. To receive any reward, you must message us on Twitter @ADATreePool prior to delegating to agree on the reward amount. *This reward program is currently paused due to the Minswap Fair Initial Stake Offering (FISO) partnership!* Follow us on Twitter @ADATreePool for details!

Pool ID: b2d1c479ce496d5be21cb68e95dae7342937c631488c47161d408f39

High Reward | 0% – Lowest Fees Premier DA Stake Pool

Update 1/10/2021: GREAT NEWS! We will continue to have 0% variable fee for the foreseeable future! Thanks for staking with us!

Update 9/30/2020: Our 30 days ROA is 7.39%. Higher than most pools! Thank you to our delegators for your continued support!

Update 9/29/2020: The luck of the pool has been pretty good recently so we’ve decided to do something good for the community. We’ve just donated 1000 ₳DA (locally grown on [TREE]), split between these four entities: http://adapools.org | http://cardanoscan.io | http://pooltool.io | http://pool.pm

They created tools that are vital to stake pool operators and also to our delegators. We really appreciate their contributions to the Cardano community! Please support them.

Donation TxIDs: b8fa1fa119d003f59f576ec9f3e0497ea1b81bf7fbb1286db7e25aeae03346a4 | 5505bc6b9d78f6ce47e2f5b945bc9e6630ce53850a163ab15e09fee9c78bc903 | 1cbf85a2c2935decac895296431cb5cad294f39fd017aead63616465d903e3c5 | 85d4c637d34c845772b08d2780e675cdd256c28286e32ab36ec02d8018652919

Update 9/17/2020: Our 30 days ROA is still at 6.91%. Higher than most pools! Since luck was not on our side in epoch 217, we’ve just airdropped 1000 ₳DA to our delegators! How the airdrop amount was calculated for each delegator: 1000 ₳DA * (delegator’s total stake / total pool size as of 1,940,280). Snapshot was approx. 24 hours ago (near the end of epoch 217). Please send us a message on Twitter if for some reason you did not receive the airdrop. Thanks again for your support!

Update 8/29/2020: In only around 13 hours since epoch 214 started, we’ve already created our first epoch 214 block at 125% performance! Congrats again to our delegators! FYI: each epoch is approximately 5 days.

Epoch 212 Staking Reward: If you have been delegating to us since before epoch 211, you should received your reward already. You can view it by clicking networking icon in Daedalus and then click the “Rewards” button. It’s automatically added to your balance. Also, make sure you upgrade to Daedalus 2.2.0. It’s WAYYYY faster!

Update 9/4/2020: Our current Return on ADA, Annualized (ROA) is 11.23% as noted on ADAPools.org!!! Congratulations again to our delegators for getting basically double the reward when compared to the big pools that are currently receiving around 5.5%.

More DA To You

0% VARIABLE FEE!!! Lowest possible fixed fee. We pledge over 400,000 ₳DA. More rewards for you!


We are focused on helping Cardano succeed by keeping it decentralized. ADATree is a small entity and not part of a large group that controls a large number of stake pools for the sole purpose of monetary gain. Lets grow Cardano together with us!

Secure | Reliable

ADATree incorporates the most advanced network security along with multiple relay servers which isolates the Block Producer node, resulting in a very secure and reliable stake pool. High reliability = more reward! We are supported 24/7 by a an Engineer.


We do not hold the key to your wallet and you can change your delegation anytime! Visit https://www.cardano.org for further details. The official Cardano wallet can be downloaded from here: https://daedaluswallet.io/en/download/

DA grows on [TREE] at ADATree